The best coffee blends

The best coffee blends


Blended to perfection


      Coffee blends are exceptional ways to enjoy your java. Sporting different hints, notes, flavors, and aromas, coffee blends are a real treat. Here at Fresh Qahwa, we are committed to providing only the best coffee selection around and so we have compiled a nice and handy list of some of our best coffee blend beans. Whether you are going for cold brew, Moka pot, espresso, pour-over, or any other excellent coffee brewing selection we have got you more than covered. Keep reading to discover some of the most superb coffee bean blends out there!


6 Bean Blend


      6 superb beans come together in a harmonious and incredible blend. Fresh Qahwa Company’s 6 Bean Blend is dark roasted and makes for a stunning blend for espresso. But this blend makes for an exceptional  pot, cold brew, or grinds for an AeroPress. All 6 beans will keep you happy, content, and full of vivacious energy for 6-or more, hours.


Cowboy Blend


      Well, howdy there, partner. You don’t have to be John Wayne to enjoy this incredible and pleasingly robust blend in your daily cup of joe courtesy of Fresh Qahwa Company. A keen mix of dark and medium roast, this blend is as versatile as a trick-rider at the rodeo! The flavor profile for this great blend is caramel, vanilla, and cocoa. The aroma and flavor are both stunning and make for great pour-over, cold or Dutch brew, house coffee, and even the stovetop “cowboy style coffee”. Brew some of this blend before a rough day at the ranch.


African Kahawa Blend


     One of Fresh Qahwa Company’s true masterpieces, African Kahawa Blend is a blend for the ages! Our blend is complex, alive with bright, full flavors like caramel, chocolate, toffee, raisins, red fruit, green apples, cherries, black currant, and superb floral aroma. This blend is a real work of art; the coffee cherries are hand-picked and the farming process follows high, environmentally sound standards. The coffee cherries are also washed and sun-dried before being hand-sorted and packed for shipping. If you want one of the best coffee blends that feature stunning African flavors and aromas, then Fresh Qahwa Company’s African Kahawa Blend. These beans are perfect for pour-over, but cold and Dutch brews will bloom like flowers with these beans.


House Blend


     For those seeking a brew for any and all occasions why not give Fresh Qahwa Company's House Blend a try? This superb blend is a medium roast comprised of amazing beans from Central and South America. The flavor and aroma profile are nutty, sweet chocolate, and mild citrus and features a clean bright finish. Clean and well-bodied this blend is stunning. The beans in this blend are natural/dry processed and wet mill washed/sun-dried. Environmentally friendly these processing methods help preserve the areas where these beans are grown. The rainforests and their creatures will thank you for choosing this extraordinary house blend.


Breakfast Blend


     Don’t let the name fool you, Fresh Qahwa Company’s Breakfast Blend can and should be enjoyed any time of day. This superb blend is a smooth but uplifting blend of some delectable and amazing beans from South America. These beans are medium roasted and so they are versatile in any type of brewing vessel. House coffee? Use our Breakfast Blend! Preparing scrumptious pour-over? Try our Breakfast Blend! Anything? Try our Breakfast Blend!


Asian Plateau Blend


     Fresh Qahwa Company has an artful and amazing homage to African coffee beans, and so here is our love letter to beans from Southeast Asia. This blend is medium roasted, which also gives this blend a ton of flexibility and versatility for brewing. The flavor and aroma profiles sport some herby scents and a heavy, robust body. This blend is perfect for a meaningful wake-up brew but can certainly be enjoyed in the afternoon, too. These beans are grown under the full sun and then undergo washed processing. Washed processing is environmentally friendly and is a green option for processing coffee beans.


Blended to perfection


     Our coffee bean blends are prepared with only the best beans from around the world. If you are looking for some expertly crafted coffee bean blends, then why not try some of our delicious and innervating coffee blends today. You may just find your go-to pick-me-up blend, courtesy of Fresh Qahwa Company.


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