The Origins, Blends, and Flavors of Fresh Qahwa Coffee

The Origins, Blends, and Flavors of Fresh Qahwa Coffee

The Origins, Blends, and Flavors of Fresh Qahwa Coffee

Fresh Qahwa has always served freshly roasted coffee for our customers. Not only that but we offer many different origins, blends, and flavors for our customers to enjoy.

We'll explore what Fresh Roasted Coffee is and all the different types of coffee we offer.

What is Fresh Roasted Coffee?

Truly Fresh Roasted Coffee is packaged and shipped within 24 hours of roasting. Roasting the beans takes place in small, custom batches- roasted to order. This is so that your coffee beans maintain their freshness and flavor and reach you at their peak.

Fresh Qahwa only shares freshly roasted coffee with our customers. 'Roasted to order' coffee is of better quality and taste than conventionally roasted coffee. This is because all coffee at a supermarket or even Starbucks is roasted in bulk and packaged for the longest shelf-life possible.

This may pass on meager cost-savings to the end consumer but makes these companies a lot of money. And for what? Lower quality coffee in your cup each morning.

Coffee roasted fresh has a robust flavor that lasts longer than conventionally roasted coffee. Coffee beans have an honest shelf life of about two to four weeks. This is because the degradation of roasted coffee over time is a very important factor in the taste of coffee. Old coffee beans taste stale and lack the freshness and fullness that is found in newly roasted coffee.


How Timing Affects Roasted Coffee Quality

The best timing for brewing roasted coffee is immediately after roasting. But, depending on the specific coffee in your hands, peak freshness might happen anywhere between one and four days after roasting. The aging process isn’t all bad but it is swift. Not even freezing your coffee beans will preserve true freshness.

Coffees that are roasted to order reach you at the perfect time. They have just enough time (during the shipping process) to ‘rest’ and ‘degas’ excess CO2 that is carried over from the roasting process. Amino acids and sugars that are found in un-roasted coffee beans are converted to CO2 through the roasting process.

While the loss of CO2 is a net positive for the quality of coffee (to a point), the loss of aroma and flavor is a net negative. This loss of flavor and aroma happens at the same time and starts immediately after roasting. Yes, modern packaging helps coffee stay as fresh as possible but coffee still ages rapidly. Coffee starts releasing its aroma (read: flavor) immediately. Too much of this over time and your coffee begins to taste stale and underwhelming.


The process that Fresh Qahwa takes is simple. We ensure your coffee's quality. You (1) order your coffee, we (2) roast to your specifications, and then we (3) package/ship off your coffee.

Fresh and roasted to order every time.

But what types of coffee do we roast fresh for you? The answer is, ‘We have options!'

Keep reading to find your perfect coffee.

What is Single-Origin Coffee?

Sourcing coffee from a single geographic location is what Single-Origin coffee means. This means that the beans all come from one region, usually a country. It can also mean that it has a single hyper-location as well. Coffee from a single region, co-op, or even a single estate/farm is also considered single-origin.

The chief benefit of single-origin coffee is its ultra-unique flavor profile and story.

A single-origin coffee's flavor is unique. The coffee isn’t averaged out with the flavor profiles of other areas. This lets the specific coffee varietals (type of coffee trees), soil composition, local weather, and washing/processing stations leave their mark on the coffee. Any one of these variations can dramatically change the taste of a single-origin coffee. Maintaining each of these unique traits by not mixing them with other coffee preserves the integrity of that coffee origin.

Single Origin Coffee can also provide traceable origins for the beans you buy. This gives you the ability to research the coffee to a greater degree. Is the coffee ethically sourced? Are the farmers treated fairly? What is the growing season like at this location? All interesting things to look into!

Single-origin coffee also lets you buy into the success of particular people and celebrate the story of local growers. It’s always nice to put a face and story to a cup of coffee when at all possible.

What Single Origin Coffee Does Fresh Qahwa Sell?

Fresh Qahwa prides itself on our Single Origin Coffees. As such, we bring you freshly roasted coffee from each of the major growing regions. While we have quite the selection, some of our customer’s favorite Single Origin coffees are:

We are often sourcing new coffee for you to check in often and see what we have in stock. We take pride in our Single Origin coffee by sourcing some of the best coffee around and then roasting it the same that it is sent to you.

What are Coffee Blends?

Coffee blends are a combination of different types of coffee beans. Usually from different geographic areas. The blend can happen before the coffee is roasted or after the individual coffees are roasted.

You may be thinking that Single-origin coffees are obviously superior. But that isn’t the case. It is all a matter of preference. The upside for coffee blends is that they can be dialed in to create well-round tasting profiles.

Single-origin coffees are beautiful because they are unique to specific locations. That does not mean that they are always the most balanced in aroma and taste. They can often have an edge that only the most devout coffee drinkers can appreciate.

Coffee blends rely on the expertise of coffee roasters to make a blend of coffees that creates a classic taste. These blends can take the best of an entire region or the best of many disparate regions to create unique roasted coffee variations.

Many popular blends that roasters put their spin on are Italian Roasts, Breakfast Blends, and French Roasts.

Which Coffee Blends Does Fresh Qahwa Sell?

Fresh Qahwa offers original takes on popular blend styles as well as unique blends for you to enjoy.

We have our spin on the classic Breakfast Blend. It is smooth enough for any morning meal whether you are a groggy-eyed drinker or an early bird. Our other classic blends are our Italian and French Roasts.

We feature many continent-specific blends as well. They take coffee that is grown in some of the best countries to make a distinct blend out of their unique qualities. Blends from Latin America, Africa, and Asia are certain to excite those who want to experience the best each geographic region has to offer. All in a single cup!

Finally, we have popular blends like our Cold Brew Blend, Cowboy Blend, Holiday, and Half-Caff Blend.

What is Flavored Coffee?

Flavoring coffee is a popular process for some coffee drinkers. It usually results in a more subtle flavoring than what would occur by adding flavored syrups and creamers to coffee after the facts. Flavored coffee is an excellent choice for those trying to take less sugar and dairy in their coffee.

Flavoring is especially popular during holidays and for certain types of flavor profiles that don’t naturally come from coffee beans. Some very common flavoring options for coffee beans are:

When picking out a flavored coffee, you want to make sure that it is a smart choice.

Just because the coffee is flavored does not mean that the roaster can or should get away with using lower-quality beans. Your morning cup will still be better using a premium blend or single-origin coffee.

Also, look at what is used to create the flavoring in the coffee. Check against artificial flavors and excess sugars. These often are not as good as the natural oils that Fresh Qahwa is known to use. Artificial flavors are also much less healthy. Best to not venture down that road.

What Flavored Coffee Does Fresh Qahwa Sell?

Fresh Qahwa sells specialty coffees. All our Flavored Coffees are still Single Origin Coffees which are roasted to order.

Just because the coffee is flavored does not mean that we use any lower quality beans. In fact, we still roast to order each of our flavored coffees as well.

Some of our best-selling flavored coffees: Caramel, Hazelnut, Candy Cane, and French Vanilla. We offer many more flavored coffee beans than just those as well.

Why You are Missing Out if You Aren’t Getting Your Coffee Roasted Fresh

Coffee is a fragile commodity. Many companies have dialed in their model of stale, run-of-the-mill coffee. Fresh Qahwa coffee is roasted the same day that it is shipped out to you.

If your coffee is not fresh you are likely missing out on your coffee experience. Whether you are new to coffee or have been enjoying the journey for many years.



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