About Fresh Qahwa

Delivering freshness Beyond Compare

We believe that every coffee enthusiast deserves to taste the finest, freshest, most authentic coffee taste possible. Fresh Qahwa is dedicated to delivering the freshest roasted coffee beans right to your cup. 

Every pack is delicately roasted once we receive your order. This is to ensure that you get the freshly roasted taste in every sip of morning caffeine. 

How It’s Processed 

From the branch right up to roasting, each coffee bean delicately follows a soft natural process to ensure each essence is made with no synthetic substances. Our coffee is also harvested weekly to ensure maximum freshness for the whole period. 

This way the coffee beans are timed perfectly from drying, screening, washing, up to roasting so you could taste the sweet goodness of freshly ground coffee beans at the comfort of your home. 


Rawad Srour is a die-hard coffee lover from Lebanon who immigrated to the states some two decades ago. Coffee has always been a big part of their family. They make sure that each day is welcomed with coffee every morning and finished ‌with coffee every evening. 

With all his life dedicated to coffee, he realized that the country he had immigrated to lacks the freshness and true taste of coffee he enjoyed every day back home. Hence, Fresh Qahwa was born to revolutionize the taste of true coffee and let people experience what true freshness feels like. 


The freshness of coffee ‌ makes it premium. By delivering you the finest quality freshly roasted ingredients, we want you to taste the best coffee possible to celebrate your every morning with a cup of heaven you'll want to drink again and again.

We want you to experience the truly invigorating aroma and taste of true coffee, making you fall in love with it even more. 


Our goal is to serve the best coffee possible. In line with this, our efforts are focused on quality and customer service in order to serve you better and let you taste the true essence of coffee you'll truly enjoy! 

Taste the freshness of coffee with Fresh Qahwa now!